About The Gloria

The Gloria is the online destination for all things bridal. It offers an impeccable selection of Latin American design that is meticulously designed & curated by renowned Colombian bridal designer, Francesca Miranda. Rooted in life and love from every angle, the creation of this bridal universe goes way beyond the big day – whether it’s for newlyweds or their beloved friends and family.

Full of romance and nostalgia, expect all categories to be seamlessly put together – browse couture gowns, ready-to-wear pieces, resort wear, and registry items that include furniture and decor pieces for the home – all in one place.



Miranda, known for her extensive and trailblazing career as a Ready-to-Wear and Bridal designer, has been forever inspired by her late parents. Her mother, Gloria, was a professional dancer at the New York Ballet, always presenting herself as a poised and respectable woman. Gloria’s glamour informed Miranda’s eye, always amused by her balanced formula made up of discipline and creativity. Miranda’s interest in fashion was organically introduced by her father Ruy – a vain and charming man that swore by his Parisian-style suits.

With this acquired sensibility towards aesthetics, the designer’s passion for handcrafted practices slowly grew, thoughtfully navigating the complex and rich artisanal universe of Latin America. Miranda has been merging her modern and exquisite taste with ancestral techniques in untraditional ways for over a decade, making her emblematic style a part of her family’s everyday life.

Attempting to dig deeper within her passion for artisanal craft and curated design, Miranda’s daughters Daniella and Andrea Sofia joined her under this multidimensional offer, extending their family’s namesake label Francesca Miranda to all lifestyle categories, creating The Gloria. Much more than an online bridal destination, it is a place that holds family values – honoring the origins of handcraft, good design, and the human longing for love and unity.

Sustainability / Community

In-depth collaboration with artisanal communities is and will continue to be an immensely important part of The Gloria. With a strong desire to highlight the best of Latin American design and talent, Miranda began an exploration of her true passion alongside these communities – design for the home. Her new decor line is the result of the merging of her modern eye and the skillful hands of artisans from Pasto, Sucre, Cordoba, Bogotá, Usiacurí, and more.

This is just the beginning. The north star of The Gloria is to continue providing opportunities and visibility for these talented individuals, all over Latin America.

It is a priority for The Gloria to understand and collaborate with the artisans, thoroughly learning about each technique and process to be able to honor them – while providing a steady and reasonable income.

Not only do we highly respect the product development process, but we also believe that all products surrounding the bridal experience should live much longer than a 24-hour period. That is why we make a point to create long-lasting designs with ethical materials that can be infinitely reinvented after their wedding day debut, making each high quality piece timeless and investment-worthy. Find each of the sustainability specs of each product on their description.