Palma De Iraca

The Palma de Iraca is a fiber woven by artisans and found in Atlántico and Nariño, Colombia.

Usiacurí is a romantic and nostalgic town in Atlántico, Colombia. It is small, charming, and full of creativity and heritage. Most of its population is dedicated to the production of all sorts of goods in Palma de Iraca. Over the years, this artisanal practice has evolved immensely, offering a vast selection of weaves and forms to a growing local and international public.

Its intrinsic process starts with the palma de iraca, in its most natural form, being harvested, cooked, rinsed, blanched, and baked. Once the raw material is ready to be woven and lined, there are different types of stitching techniques that can be practiced. Today, artisans color it in different hues using both natural and artificial pigments.