Aureate-Tamo-vase -19

Aureate Tamo vase

SKU: HTG006 by Francesca Miranda


A decorative object like no other – the Aureate Tamo Vase stands out from any corner. A piece constructed by artisans, this eye-catching object merges modern curation with ancestral techniques from Colombia. Thoughtfully formed using thin sheets of natural wood, it is adorned at the surface with Tamo de Trigo by the hands of female artisans in Pasto, Nariño.

Expect this unforgettable vase to instantly illuminate the room it is placed at, as its two-toned texture plays with movement, light, and visual depth.

Product Detail

This piece is made out of natural wood and fibers.
To preserve its idenitity avoid exposure to direct sunlight or harsh lighting.
To clean use a mildly damp soft towel or a duster.

Shipping & Returns

Each piece is made to order through an artisanal process, due to is nature is ships in 5 weeks or less.

Size & Fit

61 x 67 x 12.5 cm