Beso Galeras Mascara Wall Sculpture

SKU: HTG021 by Francesca Miranda


The Beso Galeras Mascara is a decorative piece of art carved in cedarwood and intervened using tamo de trigo on its bold lips.

Its complex carving can take approximately one to two months for the artisan in Pasto, Nariño to complete, as each feature of the face is gently formed using the same piece of wood. Its cheeks, eyes and eyebrows inform the viewer of the piece’s feminine features, highlighting the fuchsia lips with subtle, degraded tones. Natural wood grain is intentionally exposed, even after it’s been painted over in midnight black.

Product Detail

Composition: 100% Cedro wood
This piece is made out of natural wood and fibers. To preserve its idenitity avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Wipe clean with a soft, damp towel.

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Made to order 10-12 weeks

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