Bogotá is the capital and largest city of Colombia. It is a convergence point for people from all over the country, making it diverse and multicultural, blending old and new.
With a privileged location, it is home to abundant vegetation that achieves one of the most beautiful, green landscapes in the continent. While the city offers the best in cuisine, art & culture, and night life, the country side offers vast greenlands, sunlight mountain homes and countryside estates available for stays and events!

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Where to have fun

Video Club

A music filled space, explore their three-floor venue as you jump from banging pop music to authentic house tunes and DJ sets!

La Candelaria

A historic and vastly cultural neighborhood in the capital, these colorful and vibrant streets are ideal for bar and restaurant hoping afternoons. Expect street artists, murals, as you stroll the streets.

MAMBO Museum

The “Museo de Arte Moderno de Bogotá”, is known for exploring multiple aspects of art and culture. A key player in the city’s art scene, expect exhibitions
curated with a keen eye and an appreciation for Latin American artists.