“The city of eternal spring”. Known for its close to perfect climate, artistic feel and green landscapes Medellin is quickly becoming one the most trendy LatAm spots for a wedding destination. Due to its nature-filled venues, unique night-life, and cultural diversity the city serves as an ideal travel destination for your guests to explore further after the wedding!

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Valeria Duque, Photographer


Where to Eat

Elevated & Experimental

Worldy Cuisine


Where to have fun

The Rooftop at 23 Hotel

Drinks at a lux and modern hotel rooftop in the center of Poblado, an area filled with cafes, shops and top-tier restaurants.

La Rufina

A country feel, local spot serving typical dishes to the region. Located only a few minutes outside of Medellin, and into the vast green landscape.  Trick here is getting there early to start on bites and drinks and spend the rest of the day!

El Social

An iconic corner street bar in the heart of Provenza, known for its laid back atmosphere and welcoming spirit. Expect to run into the locals there, enjoying afternoon drinks and the best latin music. Pro-tip: find the mystery staircase to reserve your place on their rooftop, an exclusive space only a few notice!

Nature's Getaway

Under 2 hours away from Medellin, escape to this natural paradise. Boata Hotel located in Guatape, a charming colorful and vivid town, features small villas on the water to enjoy breathtaking views and unique outdoor experiences!