Santa  Marta

Santa Marta, Colombia’s oldest city, is known for its laid-back atmosphere and diverse
fauna and flora. A must on any adventurous traveler’s agenda, it is a true example of
nature’s immersive power. With stunning beaches facing majestic mountains, picture- perfect sunsets, and ancestral territories up in La Sierra Nevada, this city is truly an unforgettable one. If you and your partner are up for a distinct mini-moon experience, make sure to book a stay at Reserva One Love, near the Tayrona National Park, where you can enjoy a beginner’s hike through the jungle that ends in refreshing views of the Caribbean sea.

My interest is capturing the essence of each couple, letting them be. I want them to get away in that intimate moment, completely present!

Chris Goenaga, Photographer


Where to have fun

Cazador Smoke & Drinks

Known for its signature cocktails, this is the perfect place to sip and share over drinks with your close friends a few nights before the big day.

La Taberna de Manuel Jose

More than a bar, this an open door to Manuel’s personal salsa record collection. A small corner joint recognized by its art murals and gallery walls, locals and tourists alike, gather at this cultural epicenter to dance over sips of beer and rum.

La Azotea

A laid back terrace with an easy and welcoming energy. Perfect to meet new crowds on the dancefloor or over a drink!

The Sun Sets

Nearby beaches accessible by boat or car, are the perfect setting to enjoy this picture-perfects sunsets, unique to the region, they take place almost every day.